Social Media 2011 Just The Stats

Social Media 2011 Just the Stats

Understanding Social Media requires an understanding of the online marketplace. Reciprocate is pleased to share this 64-slide, thought-providing presentation by Hubspot ( which captures the current state of inbound marketing. Learn the State of Social Media in 2011 and use this information as a base for creating your online marketing strategies. . . . → Click to continue: Social Media 2011 Just The Stats

LinkedIn: Join now and be 1 in 100 Million

Karen Emanuelson is featured in the LinkedIn 100 Million Ad Campaign

If you have not already jumped on the LinkedIn bandwagon, it’s time. LinkedIn just announced it has reached 100 million members. Karen Emanuelson is one of the 100 LinkedIn members featured their current ad campaign. Learn how she launched her company using LinkedIn groups. . . . → Click to continue: LinkedIn: Join now and be 1 in 100 Million

LinkedIn Strategy #3: Keywords

Keywords are Key to Success

Using keywords in a LinkedIn profile increases search engine results and leads to LinkedIn success. Learn how to use keywords in LinkedIn and how to find the keywords that work best for your industry. Great tips for small businesses, nonprofits and people looking for a new job. . . . → Click to continue: LinkedIn Strategy #3: Keywords

What is Social Media?

What is Social Media? Here’s the philosophy behind Social Media summed up in five words. . . . → Click to continue: What is Social Media?

Facebook: The Games People Play


College student Sydney Anne asks for cows in exchange for a guest blog on FarmVille, the most popular game on Facebook. Learn the difference how to access Facebook games and the differences between social games, including those that require daily attention and word or puzzle games that test your brain power. Links to top Facebook game rankings from CNN as well as link to information on games addiction. . . . → Click to continue: Facebook: The Games People Play

Who do you want to be online?

You can't predict the future, so start managing your online identity now

Learn how your email address affects your online reputation and why now is the best time to take charge of your online identity in this third blog posting from KarenEman. Includes a link to more than 350 social media sites. . . . → Click to continue: Who do you want to be online?

A New Decade: A New Blog

Reciprocate LLC logo for web

First blog posting of Reciprocate: a way for KarenEman to compile, categorize, and share her social media knowledge. It will also serve as a primer on social media, with easy-to-understand explanations and definitions. Follow along the social media learning path. Reciprocate. Share What You Know. . . . → Click to continue: A New Decade: A New Blog

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