Promotion Idea: 31+ Unique August Holidays

Get Creative! Boast your bottom line by creating a marketing event or campaign around Banana Lovers Day on Aug. 27

Does your marketing messages lack creativity? Need a way to get your fans and connections to engage with you and your brand? August is a great month to spice up your marketing message. On August 16 celebrate International Tell A Joke — offer a discount to customers who share a joke or encourage fans to share their worst jokes on your Facebook business page. In this blog, we share more than 40 unique August holidays. There’s bound to be at least one that sparks your creativity. . . . → Click to continue: Promotion Idea: 31+ Unique August Holidays

SCORE Social Media Boot Camp II

Reciprocate is a proud organizer and sponsor of the SCORE Minnesota Social Media Boot Camp II. The Aug. 10 event features 10 amazing social media pros and is expected to draw 250 small business owners, marketing professionals, and SCORE mentors and volunteers. . . . → Click to continue: SCORE Social Media Boot Camp II

Social Media 2011 Just The Stats

Social Media 2011 Just the Stats

Understanding Social Media requires an understanding of the online marketplace. Reciprocate is pleased to share this 64-slide, thought-providing presentation by Hubspot ( which captures the current state of inbound marketing. Learn the State of Social Media in 2011 and use this information as a base for creating your online marketing strategies. . . . → Click to continue: Social Media 2011 Just The Stats

Facebook: The Games People Play


College student Sydney Anne asks for cows in exchange for a guest blog on FarmVille, the most popular game on Facebook. Learn the difference how to access Facebook games and the differences between social games, including those that require daily attention and word or puzzle games that test your brain power. Links to top Facebook game rankings from CNN as well as link to information on games addiction. . . . → Click to continue: Facebook: The Games People Play

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