Marketing Tip #28 | It's Time to Go Mobile | Infographic

Mobile Drives Online and Offline Actions

It’s Time to Go Mobile

Everywhere you look, people are scrolling, swiping, texting, tapping, and talking on mobile devices.

More than 56% of us now own smartphones, and we are becoming increasingly reliant on our devices. We use them to search for nearby restaurants, text our family and friends, and to search for pricing and other details before we make a purchase decision.

Time to Go Mobile

To help persuade you that now if the time for your organization to go mobile, Reciprocate LLC has created and published an infographic that explains and illustrates today’s increasingly mobile-focused society. We’ve incorporated the data on the right along with other stats that are sure to inspire you that it’s time to go mobile. You can view and share our It’s Time to Go Mobile infographic here.

The implication to business is this: NOW is the time to go mobile and incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy.

Mobile App or Mobile Website?

Some organizations will benefit from creating a mobile app, which will allow you to selectively geo-target your audience and provide specific information to those who download your app. A mobile website will benefit every organization that has visitors who are viewing your website from their mobile devices. Your industry, your products, your services, and your specific marketing goals will determine if a mobile app or a mobile-friendly website is best for you.

Confused? Contact Reciprocate LLC today for a free 15-minute, no obligation, mobile marketing analysis. We’ll share our mobile insights and help you decide the best way for your organization to take advantage of today’s always-on mobile world.

Whether you choose to create a mobile-optimized website or develop a mobile app specifically for your organization, NOW is the time to take advantage of the mobile opportunity to engage the new, constantly-connected consumer. Reciprocate LLC can help guide you through the process.