Marketing on the Go | What you can learn from Target’s mobile strategies

What you can learn from Target’s mobile strategies

Let’s look at how retail giant Target has gone mobile. Target not only has an app for smartphones and the iPad, but customers can also sign up for monthly text coupons.

Once a month, customers receive a text message on their phones that contains an link to a web page of coupons that can be used simply by showing the cashier the screen on the phone. Towards the end of each month, Target sends a text reminder that these coupons expire soon. On top of this, if the phone has email access, customers can also receive Target’s weekly emails directly on their mobile device.

That’s a lot of Target, but it can be effective. But maybe your organization isn’t retail-based, like Target. You can still effectively engage your customers or members via the mobile world. Create an app (or find someone to create one for you) that offers tips and tricks or some neat tool related to your organization.

Target offers a mobile version of their website, apps for iPhone and Android smartphones, an iPad app, and text messaging options to reach their audiences.

Or utilize texting. Allow your customers the option to sign up for daily/weekly/monthly texts that relay some sort of information.  Get creative but make sure that whatever your mobile actions are, they are useful or can benefit your customers in some way.

The main point: find a way to go mobile to help expand your organization and/or gain a more loyal customer or member base.

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