What Color is Your Website?

Pick a Color, Any Color

Your brand is reflected in your company colors. When you are first forming your company, you need to decide the colors you want associated with your company, products and services.  Best Buy uses blue and yellow; Coca-Cola relies on red and white; Bachmans, a Twin Cities florist, uses purple and lime green. Which colors represent your company? What colors do you like? What image are you trying to portray?

Consistent use of colors helps to solidify your brand with customers. Use your brand colors everywhere: on your website, YouTube channel, Twitter background, email templates, product packaging, marketing and collateral materials, promotional items, stationery, and business cards.

If website visitors aren’t converting to customers, changing the color of your website might not be the solution. If your car stopped working, would you paint it a different color to make it work?

If you aren’t happy with how your website is performing, ask a third party to review your website with you or hire a website consultant. Does the text answer or raise questions? Are the pages laid out logically? Where are the calls to action? Is it easy to read and uncluttered? 

Notice I haven’t asked what color it is.  Pick a color. Any color.

Pantone just announced Honeysuckle is the 2011 Color of the Year. In the comment section below, post links to your favorite websites and list their dominant colors. (Can you find any using honeysuckle?)