Marketing is as easy as P.I.E.

Business coaches will tell you that 80% of marketing is ineffective. But it doesn’t have to be.  Effective marketing is really as easy as P.I.E.

So what exactly is P.I.E.?  Well, it’s not the apple pie pictured here, though that does make us want to dash out to the  store…

The P.I.E. we’re referring to is the target audience that you plan to use as the focus of your marketing efforts.

Here’s the recipe for Marketing P.I.E. success:

P – Purchaser
This is the person who ultimately pulls out his/her wallet and pays for your product or service. It doesn’t matter if the transaction takes place in person or online.

I – Influencer
This is who or what at influences the Purchaser to open his/her wallet and make the commitment to purchase your product or service.

E – End User
This is the person (or animal or thing) that is the end user or actual recipient of your product or service.

Here are some examples of Marketing P.I.E.

Barkley eats the dog food your company makes.
Sarah, his cute “sister,” sees the ads that tell her which dog food will make her puppy happiest.
Mom makes the ultimate purchasing decision.

Grandma is the end user of your organization’s Senior Services.
Her medical team has several suggestions as to what should be done.
Her son will make the ultimate decision because he is paying for the service.

Anne wants to wear the latest trends.
Anne’s friends tell her what they think is trendy.
Anne’s dad makes the ultimate purchase when he hands over his credit card.

Organizations can have several different P.I.E.s for any product or service and each Marketing P.I.E. scenario requires a different marketing strategy that might benefit from a different social network or media outlet. In the Senior Services example, the marketing message to the Purchaser son could be focused on empathy and compassion for the End user, his mom, while the marketing message to the Influencer medical team could focus on the latest medical technologies or the highest insurance payout rates.

Spend a few minutes determining your organization’s Marketing P.I.E.  You’ll find your marketing success really is as easy as P.I.E.

Reciprocate LLC has helped numerous organizations determine their Marketing P.I.E. Contact us today at info(at) to schedule your Marketing P.I.E. consultation. It’s as easy as pie.