Free Online PR -- It's Easier than You Think!

Free Online PRFree Online PR

Gaining free online PR isn’t as daunting as it sounds. In your continuing efforts to improve your business’ online reputation, you should add PR outlets and activities to your monthly marketing calendar activities. Adding a monthly themed press release to online outlets and monitoring reporters’ queries for relevent PR opportunities will enhance your online reputation and help to push any negative reviews and comments off page 1 of Google.

There are a number of free online PR opportunities.

Submit press releases online to help push down negative reviews and stories. Here’s a list of 5  free online PR sites:

Tips for Free Online PR

When creating a press release for online distribution:

  • Use SEO enriched headlines and text
  • Include at least one Call To Action in each press release
  • Add hyperlinks in the release that lead to your website whenever possible

How to Find Reporters Looking for your Expertise



Reporters are always looking for industry experts to help complete a story.  The challenge is finding which reporters are looking for your input.  It’s relatively easy with a free account with HARO (Help A Reporter Out). Just register with HARO to receive free emailed leads and inquiries from media reps looking for insights and tips from experienced informants like you to include in their articles. These are reporters and bloggers – from both traditional and online outlets. When you see an inquiry that would provide an opportunity for PR, simply reply to the email provided by HARO.

Tips for Corresponding with Reporters

  • Respond to queries immediately – early responders often get the interviews
  • Use reporter-centric text i.e. respond to the HARO request with specifics that relate directly to their query
  • Don’t include attachments – include all of your info in the body of the email
    • If you need to send supplemental materials, offer to send links via Dropbox or similar service to the reporter in your pitch
  • Make it as easy as possible on the reporter
    • Offer to have company spokespersons available on the reporters’ timeline – reporters are often on a tight deadline
    • Offer” XX top ways to XXX” handouts or free whitepapers that the reporter can offer to readers or that they can run as sidebars
  • Respond with an intriguing, engaging take on the subject – research the reporters’ media outlet if possible and match your query response to the media outlet’s audience

There you have it — two relatively easy ways to snag free online PR.