Promotion Ideas: 30+ Unique September Holidays

How to take your marketing to the next level

Tired of the same ol’ promotions? Looking to make things more exciting for you and your customers? Interested in making people excited to come check out you and your business?

Your concerns have been heard and you have come to the right place. We have a great idea for you! Holiday promotions. While this may sound like something that happens seasonally, especially around winter holidays, it can actually take place daily. Every day of the year is filled with fun and unique holidays and interesting ways for you to bring in more customers while having fun.

September 1st offers a good example of a fun way to create a promotion. Emma M. Nutt Day honors Emma, the first female telephone operator. Celebrate her success by offering a special discount for customers who call in their order. And, if that doesn’t seem like the right fit for your company, try September 10. On Swap Ideas Day, get online and talk with your customers. Offer advice in return for some advice from them. Still not unique enough for you? September 30th, Chewing Gum Day, offers up a great photo contest. Have customers submit photos of them blowing bubbles with chewing gum. Give the biggest, best bubble a discount!

You can also create your own holiday to match the needs of your business. Celebrate it yearly, make it fun and get creative. Creating holidays to celebrate your business’s milestones and successes is another good way to draw attention to what you have accomplished.

Whatever unique holidays you find on the calendar, or whatever holidays you choose to create, make sure they are fun and exciting! They are a great marketing tactic to get customers to notice you and spread the word!

In addition to Labor Day, September is the month to celebrate:

  • National Courtesy Month

  • Fall Hat Month

  • ADHD Month

  • Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

  • International People Skills Month

  • National Coupon Month

  • Celebrate these unique holidays with your customers:

    1-      Emma M. Nutt Day (first woman telephone operator)

    Celebrate US Bowling League Day

    2-       National Beheading day

    3-      US Bowling League Day

    4-      Eat an Extra Dessert Day

    5-      Be Late for Something Day

    Cheese Pizza Day

    Labor Day

    6-      Fight Procrastination Day

    Read a Book Day

    7-      Neither Rain nor Snow Day (mail)

    8-      International Literacy Day

    9-      Teddy Bear Day

    10-   Swap Ideas Day

    11-   Make Your Bed Day

    National Grandparents Day

    “I want to start my own business” Day

    12-   Chocolate Milk Shake Day

    13-   Fortune Cookie Day

    Positive Thinking Day

    Uncle Sam Day

    14-   National Cream-Filled Donut Day

    15-   Make a Hat Day

    16-   Collect Rocks Day

    Mayflower Day

    National Play Doh Day

    17-   Constitution Day

    18-   National Cheeseburger Day

    19-   International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    20-    National Punch Day

    21-   International Peace Day

    World Gratitude Day

    22-   Business Women’s Day

    Elephant Appreciation Day

    23-   Dogs in Politics Day

    24-   International Rabbit Day

    National Park Free Day

    25-   National Comic Book Day

    26-   Johnny Appleseed Day (Also March 11)

    27-   Crush a Can Day

    28-   Ask a Stupid Question Day

    29-   Happy Goose Day

    30-   Chewing Gum Day

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