Promotion Idea: 31+ Unique May Holidays

Marketing can be tricky. How do you bring in new customers, keep old customers coming back, and keep your strategies fresh and exciting? Reciprocate has an idea! Use holidays to offer discounts, hold contests, and start conversations.

Here are some examples:

May 6 is World Laughter Day. You can use this day in many different ways. Send a joke at the end of every purchase or hold a contest encouraging customers to submit their favorite knock-knock jokes.

Too funny? Try Endangered Species Day on May 21. Strike up a conversation with your clients about their favorite endangered animal. Or, if you’re into raising money, offer 5% of the purchase price to be donated to help save endangered species.

Too wild? Get bendy with Paper Clip Day on May 29. Encourage customers to submit pictures of paper clip figures they have created. Hold a contest and offer the customer with the most votes a discount.

Month Long Celebrations

Clean Air Month

Family Wellness Month

National Hamburger Month

Revise Your Work Schedule Month

Holiday Weeks

International Update Your References Week (May 1-7)

National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week (May 6-12)

Reading is Fun Week (May 13-19)

Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week (May 21-27)

Daily Holidays

1 – World Asthma Day

2 – National Truffle Day

3 – National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

4 – International Firefighters’ Day

5 – Cinco De Mayo

6 – World Laughter Day

7 – Accounting Day

8 – No Socks Day

9 – National Receptionist Day

10 – World Lupus Day

11 – Minnesota Statehood (1858)

12 – National Miniature Golf Day

13 – Mother’s Day

14 – National Dance like a Chicken Day

15 – National Chocolate Chip Day

16 – National Sea Monkey Day

17 – World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

18 – International Virtual Assistants Day

19 – Armed Forces Day

20 – Weights and Measures Day

21 – Endangered Species Day

22 – Buy a Musical Instrument Day

23 – World Turtle Day

24 – International Tiara Day

25 – National Tap Dance Day

26 – Julia Pierpont Day

27 – Golden Gate Bridge Opened (1937)

28 – Memorial Day

29 – Paper Clip Day

30 – World MS Day

31 – World No Tobacco Day

Of course these are just ideas. Get creative. Have fun. And remember your audience. Happy holiday marketing!