Turn your 15 minutes of fame into 30!

Womans Day PR Opportunity

Taking Advantage of Media Coverage

Congratulations! Your small business is in the news.  Now what?

Here are five simple ways to leverage your positive media coverage for even more publicity for your small business or organization.

  1. If your media coverage is in print, create a .pdf of the article or news story.
    – Make a professional-looking copy. Newsprint often bleeds through the backside, so be sure to change the settings on your scanner when scanning newspaper clippings.
    –  Add a border as well as the publication logo and publication date.
    – Create a .pdf.
    An easy way is with a free shareware program, Cutepdf that creates a .pdf when you select cutepdf as your printer option. I’ve used this for years with great success.
    If your media coverage was on TV or radio, contact the broadcaster to obtain the audio and/or video file. Some may have links to past segments on their website that you can download.
  2. Upload your .pdf, video, or audio to your website.
    – Do you have an “News Room” tab or “In the News” section of your website?  Now would be a great time to add one.
  3. Create status updates on your social media networks with links to your media coverage.  Facebook and LinkedIn provide an easy way to attach links to your updates. Twitter posts can directly include the link.Reciprocate LLC on Facebook
  4. Thank those who help spread the word about your press coverage on other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  (Thanks, Kathy!)
  5. Press coverage often encourages more press coverage.  If your media coverage was national, seek out local reporters and outlets to see if they are interested in covering your national exposure from a local level. If your coverage was in print, perhaps a local TV or radio station would be interested in the story or vice versa.

Enjoy basking in your 15 minutes of fame — and good luck extending your time in the spotlight!