Competing with the big boys | The Action Plan

How to level the playing field

The Internet has helped to level the playing field between small business and the “Big Boys.” Entrepreneurs have the same online real estate as “the Big Boys” — each business gets a Facebook business page, a Google places page, and a main website.

Karen Emanuelson discusses the concept of online real estate during her podcast on The Women’s Information Network with Bonnie Ross-Parker.

The Action Plan

Here are several basic actions to enhance the online reputation of your company:

  1. Determine the keywords that people use to search for your company, products and services. The podcast includes several tips.
  2. Learn why it is critical that you build the descriptions that use those keywords. Again refer to the podcast.
  3. Claim your Google Places page at
  4. Set up a Google Alert at
  5. Use keywords in directory listings for your company across the Internet. A list of 15 free directory listing sites is available under the “Free Stuff” tab on the Reciprocate Facebook Page.

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