Customers are NOT always right and you need to tell them that

Case Study #1: During a recent phone conversation with a new client, we posed a question. “Why, Mr. Client, do you want more Twitter followers?” Our question was met with silence.

Seems the client didn’t know why he wanted more Twitter followers, just that he wanted – and needed – more. He didn’t even know why he was using Twitter or if Twitter was an effective marketing tool for his organization. Instead of simply providing our client with what he asked for, Reciprocate first probed for details.

Do you ever ask your clients why?

Perhaps they think they need one of your products or services but in reality, they really need something else — possibly something you can’t, don’t, or won’t provide.

Case Study #2: A prospective Reciprocate client sent an email asking us to help them create a tagline and to weigh in on a logo design for their new business. This request resulted in a 90-minute initial marketing consultation where we first helped the client identify their true target market and create an organization value statement. Then, and only then, we were able to brainstorm and create a tagline that accurately reflects the business’ mission and speaks to its target market. The logo design is being refined based on our conversation.

Would you ever tell a client “No”?

Reciprocate has. And, yes, we have lost potential business because of it. But we have also gained the respect of potential clients, many of whom have referred us to others who really do need the types of services we offer. We’ve even signed a few on as Reciprocate clients after they originally contracting with another firm that promised them a “quick fix” social media or marketing solution that turned into a rather disastrous and  expensive “lesson learned.”

What is your company’s value statement?

Reciprocate’s value statement revolves around our attitude.  Our desire to truly help our clients succeed is what differentiates Reciprocate from our competitors. We won’t just give you want you want – we’ll work with you to analyze your request to determine if you really need what you think you want.

In the case of the client who “needed” more Twitter followers, Reciprocate is in the process of helping him drive traffic to his website – and then capture emails from website visitors to create an email campaign – which in turn will provide him with a more effective marketing strategy.  And, by the way, while he hasn’t totally abandoned his Twitter account, it’s not his top priority.

We look forward to asking you why

If you’re not afraid to be challenged with probing questions and want a marketing company that will work toward your organization’s  best interest, call Reciprocate today at 651-675-6943. We’re here to help.