Newsjacking | It works for the President; it can work for you too

Simple techniques for audience and media attention

President Obama is a master at gaining media attention. One of the favorite techniques used by his administration is called newsjacking.

While “newsjacking” sounds ominous, it’s really a simple, free technique that focuses on making your message relevant to what’s important to your target audience right now.

So, what exactly is newsjacking? It’s using the keywords in breaking news stories and trending topics on Twitter to develop your message and social media posts.

For example, on the day I wrote this tip, #10ThingsILove was trending on Twitter. It is easy to incorporate that hashtag into tweets about your organization, products, or services. Here’s an example how we use the newsjacking concept on Twitter:

By incorporating the trending topic in our tweet and including a link to our website, we greatly expanded the audience of those who would see our tweets and increased traffic to our website.

Newsjacking isn’t limited to Twitter. You can also use the technique on Facebook and LinkedIn. Simply create a link to share a landing page, blog post or even your Facebook business page.

Use the keywords in the breaking news story in your message. If it makes long-term sense, consider changing your landing pages to contain these keywords. Use video and other visuals for maximum effect.

Think of newsjacking as an easy way to take advantage of real-time promotion opportunities.

Here’s a great video explanation of newsjacking from Marketing pro David Meerman Scott. Watch the video to see a classic example of how President Obama uses newsjacking to turn the world’s attention to him.  Then think about ways you, too, can take advantage of newsjacking to promote your association, small business or nonprofit organization.

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