Marketing Tip #5 | Identifying Customers’ Pain Points

How to ID Your Customers’ Pain Points

Try to understand your customer in terms of the Pain Points they are experiencing. Learn to recognize these Pain Points by asking questions and listening. Here are a few ideas:

  • Imagine a day in the life of your customer
    What problem does your product or service address?
  • Ask current customers about their lifestyles and goals
    How do they perceive themselves?
  • Ask customers what motivates them – and what doesn’t.
    Find out what the customer really needs
  • What is the true source of pain?
    Sometimes, you’ll need to read between the lines and listen past the immediate requests
  • Who sees the most value in having that pain removed?
    These will be your best customers
  • Who will ultimately pay for a solution?
    The end user of your product/service is not always the one who pays i.e. child/parent or pet/owner

Example Pain Points

Imagine you own a restaurant. You might be addressing not only a customer’s Pain Point and need for nutrition but also the Pain Point for a place to gather with friends without having to clean the house, a place to watch sports on multiple screens, somewhere to escape from work or home, or a place to celebrate. And the type of food you offer – healthy, inexpensive, ethnic – also might address your customers’ Pain Points.

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