Marketing Tip # 27 | How to Get More Facebook Likes

Get More Facebook Likes

10 Easy Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Use these techniques to get more Facebook Likes on your organization’s business page.

THE GOAL: To increase awareness of your organization’s presence on Facebook

THE PROCESS: Explain WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) WHY people should like your page.

As you implement these techniques,  don’t forget to focus on the WIIFM benefit to your new fans.

  1. Encourage Likes in Your Email Signature Block
  2. Use photos of people. Post them to your page – and tag them! As your business page, you can only tag other businesses. From your personal account, visit your business page and tag the individuals you are personally connected to.  A word of caution: this blurs the lines between personal and professional connections on Facebook.
  3. Using a third party app like ShortStack, create a “LikeGate” to coupons, discounts, or something your fans will like. 
  4. Use Facebook ads, including promoted page likes.
    Here’s a video explanation: 
  5. Use #Hashtags in your posts. Choose those that are current and relevant to provide extra expos
  6. Visit other pages in your niche. As your page, visit their “posts by others” section and provide helpful advice to those with questions and comments. 
  7. Use QR codes or other methods in the “real world” to drive fans to your page. 
  8. Encourage everyone to “Tell your friends.” You do the same.
  9. Ask for” likes” on your business cards, in your brochures, on menus, on posters.
  10. Partner with others, such as complementary organizations, to get referrals and recommendations from their audiences.

Get More Facebook Likes

There you have it. Ten easy ways to get more Facebook Likes. We’ve got a few dozen more that we’ll be sharing soon.  In the meantime, like us on Facebook where we share internet marketing and technology updates, stats and trends for entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profits and associations.