Marketing Tip #25 | LinkedIn: The Power of Connections

The Power of Connections

We have yet to find an organization that can’t benefit from using LinkedIn. Success stories abound. According to a whitepaper by Hubspot, the majority of companies who are on LinkedIn have acquired at least one customer from LinkedIn.

How you can benefit

Creating a LinkedIn profile that is optimized using keywords is the first step.  Recently, Reciprocate created an optimized LinkedIn profile for a client who was just starting a foreign language based consulting business. In less than two weeks, our client signed her first contract — with someone who had discovered our client’s profile via LinkedIn’s Search feature.

Making connections is the next critical step. With only 16 connections, LinkedIn says you are just two degrees away from more than 1000 professionals.

With 220 connections, your friends-of-friends sphere of influence jumps to nearly 90,000!

While we believe in the power of connections, we don’t encourage anyone to become a L.I.O.N. (LinkedIn Open Networker — someone who tries to accumulate as many LinkedIn connections as possible.) Instead, just as in traditional networking, reach out and connect to those you know, like, and trust.

If you would accept a business card from someone, consider adding him/her to your LinkedIn network of connections.  Connect with your co-workers, industry professionals, customers, family, college acquaintances, friends, teammates, children’s friends’ parents, association members, neighbors — the list is seemingly endless.

As you grow your number of connections, you will find that others also reach out to you to connect. You never know who might just know someone who is looking for someone with just your skills and talents. And, because you are so well connected on LinkedIn, they may just reach out to you and strike up a virtual conversation that turns into new business opportunities or a new career path. That’s the power of LinkedIn connections.