Marketing Tip #19 | 25 MORE Easy Marketing Tools

25 MORE Easy Marketing Tools

Looking for more ways to easily market your company? We’ve compiled a list of 25 MORE easy marketing tools below.

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Remember, marketing doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, but it does take some thought and time – and a strategy.

  1. Special promotions centered around unique holidays
  2. Postcard mailers
  3. Celebrate customer occasions
    i.e. birthdays
  4. Free ads in shopper newspapers
  5. Auto or vehicle magnets
  6. Customer appreciation events
  7. Stationery
  8. Ads before movies
  9. Volunteering
  10. Satisfaction/Follow up phone calls
  11. Spend time with clients
  12. Send thank yous
  13. Booths at community events
  14. Bumper stickers
  15. Customer loyalty program
    i.e. punch card
  16. Ads on placemats
  17. Door hangers
  18. Toll free number
  19. Personalizing correspondence
  20. Distribute related marketing specialty items i.e. pens or calendars
  21. Offer samples or “try before you buy”
  22. Add live chat to your website
  23. Newspaper inserts
  24. Donations to community auctions
  25. Building signage

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2 comments to Marketing Tip #19 | 25 MORE Easy Marketing Tools

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    […] 9. Want to add to the appeal of your bumper sticker? Try a bumper sticker contest! Offer a prize for the 100th vehicle that puts on a bumper sticker, or offer t-shirts for vehicles seen with the bumper sticker at a community event. […]

  • Great suggestion! Thanks! We’ve seen this work very well for a local store that would periodically/randomly walk their parking lot and award gift cards to patrons whose vehicles sported the store’s bumper sticker.