Marketing Tip #13 | Creating the Perfect Business Card

Business Card Marketing

Creating the Perfect Business Card
Business cards come in many styles, colors and textures. To create the perfect business card for you and your company, there are several best practices you should consider.

The perfect business card:

  • Reflects your business attitude — playful, trustworthy, competent
  • Showcases your name, your company name, logo and tagline
  • Serves as a mini billboard for your company, products or services
  • Includes a Call To Action
  • Gives people a reason to hold on to your card

Here’s how:

  • The tagline should speak directly to your customer and help distinguish your business
  • The information should be in a color and font that are easy to read
  • In addition to your company logo, consider including logos (with permission) that might lend credibility to your business, such as trade associations, chamber of commerce, or Better Business Bureau
  • Add value to your business card by including a discount or coupon code
  • Print your cards on a paper stock that can be written on
  • Use the back side to hand write a personal note or print something unique to your industry, a calendar, or list of your services

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