Marketing Tip #10 | How to Identify a Qualified Lead

How to Identify a Qualified Lead

  In Marketing Tip #9 we discussed the difference between prospects and leads.

Marketing and networking, whether it be traditional or online via your website and social media, attracts prospects. When someone first visits your website, calls, emails, or approaches you online or at a networking event, he is a prospect but not necessarily a qualified lead.

You will be more efficient and save time and money if you learn to group those prospects who can’t/won’t end up being customers and may only want free information and advice into the Prospect category. Those who met your custom lead criteria become your Qualified Leads and are actually worth pursuing and spending time and effort trying to convert.

How can you identify a Qualified Lead?

Develop a quick 4-question survey to evaluate prospects. Click here for a template to get you started. 

If you implement a quick analysis survey before accepting coffee or lunch meetings or entering into lengthy phone calls or email exchanges, you may find that, while you are spending less time on fewer leads, you are able to close more business.  And won’t that be wonderful?

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