Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is anyone reading email anymore?

Q:  What do Mark Twain and email have in common?

A:  Those tolling the death bell for both may have been premature on their proclamations.

If you’re like me, you spend hours each day creating and responding to emails. Yet, there are some in the industry who would like you to believe that email marketing is a waste of time.

I beg to differ. Reciprocate’s results have me encouraging clients (and prospective clients) to jump into email marketing as a viable, and profitable, marketing vehicle. Last month, less than 48 hours after I emailed the October issue of the Reciprocate newsletter, four prospective clients contacted me for more information. In less than a week, each of the four had signed a Reciprocate Letter of Engagement for services!

As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, I constantly study email marketing. Here are some interesting email tips I’ve learned:

4 email marketing tips

  1. When should you send an email for the best open rates? Send emails between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdsay
  2. How long are the best subject lines? 5-8 words with a maximum of 40 characters
  3. What is the average time spent reading an email? Just 52 seconds. Wow! Be brief!
  4. What are 3 ways to write the best subject lines? Make them:
    1. Useful
    2. Urgent
    3. Unique

The Value of Email

We found this infograph by Smarter Tools Incorporated that shows the value of email in relation to social media powerhouses Facebook and Twitter as well as some other interesting statistics. Did you know that the total number of searches on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing combined equals only 1.1% of all email traffic?

Imagine how powerful your email would be if you sent valuable content to people who had money to buy. Contact Reciprocate today for help with your email marketing strategy.