Creating an Effective Call to Action

Whether you are working on a new brochure, email campaign, business card design or web page for your small business, you need to include an effective Call To Action (CTA).

What is a CTA?

A CTA is a phrase that encourages your reader or website visitor to take an immediate action. The graphic on the right depicts several Call to Action buttons found recently on the Internet.

Creating an Effective CTA

An effective CTA gives your audience a reason to interact with your organization.  When creating a CTA, put yourself in your reader’s or visitor’s mindset. They are probably thinking “What’s In It For Me?”

Effective CTAs include a specific request, usually in the form of an action verb, with an added sense of urgency. Add words like “Now” and “Today” to your CTA.

  • Some examples:
  • Watch now
  • Buy now
  • Subscribe today
  • Offer expires April 30
  • Order now to receive a free gift
  • Register today and save 30%
  • Call today
  • Download now

An effective CTA offers a specific customer benefit, usually something of value, in exchange for the action. Tell them what benefit they will get by clicking the call-to-action:

  • Free information
  • A discount
  • Free shipping
  • An exclusive opportunity
  • An e-book

An effective CTA takes readers and web visitors directly to the promised benefit.  It is especially important that CTAs on your website take visitors to an exact web page that specifically delivers the promised benefit.

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