How to Create a Marketing Myth Guaranteed to Increase Sales

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard — or time consuming — and can even be fun. Here’s a simple way to use a modern twist on mythology that is guaranteed to increase sales whether you are a B2B or B2C.

Marketing Mythology

Create a mythological character, MTC (MyTypicalCustomer), based on your target market. Artist talent is not required; you can even use an online photo of an anonymous person. As you create MTC,  answer these questions to help you determine what is important to MTC and why MTC is your target customer.

  • What does MTC look like?
  • Do you have several MTCs — male, female, different ages  or even different education levels?
  • What does MTC do for a living?
  • Does MTC work/study in the city, suburbs, at home?
  • How does MTC spend his/her spare time?
  • Does MTC have any hobbies?
  • What is MTC’s family life like? Does he have kids? Aging parents?
  • Where does MTC live? Does he live in the city, suburbs or rural area? On a farm, in a mansion, or in an apartment?
  • Does MTC recycle or place high importance on green companies and products?
  • What pets does MTC have?
  • Does MTC donate to charities? Which ones?
  • Is MTC tech savvy?  How much time does he spend on the computer each day?
  • Does MTC own a smartphone or mobile device? What apps does he use the most?
  • Is MTC active on Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter?
  • What problem does MTC have that your products or services can help solve?
  • What words does MTC use when looking for the solution to this problem?
    These become the keywords you should use everywhere online — on your website, in your social media profiles and posts, and in directory listings.

Now that you have created your Mythological Marketing character, keep MTC with you. Hang MTC on your office wall. Attach MTC to your monitor. Use MTC as your screensaver or wallpaper.  Throughout the day, ask yourself these questions:

  • wwMTCt? (What Would MyTypicalCustomer Think?)
  • Would MTC be moved to action by your decision or bored by your message?
  • Create calls to action that will inspire MTC to pick up the phone/email/purchase your product or service.
There, as easy as that, you’ve created a Marketing Myth guaranteed to increase sales.  By keeping MTC top of mind when making business decisions, you will find that your business becomes more focused on your target customer and your sales will increase.

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