8 quick ways to GRAB attention during the holidays

Engaging customers at holiday time

Yes, holidays are hectic for most of us. But there are ways that you can still engage your customers and make November and December profitable months for your organization.

Below are 8 tips for attracting customer’s attention:

  1. KISS — keep it short and social
    Less is more. We’re busy. No time to read volumes.
  2. Offer holidays specials — that are truly special
    Provide incentives that make it worth the effort. If you ask me to answer a 10-question survey or enter a contest to get a $1  off coupon, I might not bother, especially in November or December.
  3. Consider adding a countdown promotion
    The 12 deals of December. What a great reason to contact your customers via email daily. Just remember tips # 1 and #2 above.
  4. Take Tip #3 a step further and add a progressive deal
    Customers must open each email to receive the next — and each deal is better than the one before. With an email provider such as Contact Contact, you can segment your mailing list based on who has opened each email.
  5. Create a sense of urgency
    We all wait ’til the last minute. Make your offer a priority.
  6. Subject lines matter
    Communicate the offer and deadline in your subject line. We’re busy. A well-written subject line may keep your message from being trashed without being opened.
  7. Provide special offers for VIP customers
    Everyone likes to be a VIP. Let them know they are your VIPs. Thank past customers with great incentives.
  8. Partner with a worthwhile charity or organization.
    Offer your customers a way they can buy from you and be philanthropic at the same time. Win-win-win

These 8 simple tips can help you stay “top of mind” with your customers even during these hectic holidays and throughout the year. We’d love to hear your ideas on how you’ve engaged customers, particularly during the holiday season.