Promotion idea: 31+ Unique December Holidays

Use unique marketing messages to attract attention to your business

Looking for creative ways to market your business? Use holidays as an excuse to celebrate and offer fun contests, discounts, and other opportunities for your customers. You may be thinking “That sounds like a great idea! But where do I start?”

Below are a few suggestions. Take these ideas. Tweak them. Make them fit your business. Most importantly, go for it!

December 4 is Wear Brown Shoes Day. Turn it into a Facebook photo contest. Encourage customers to post photos of them or their family members (or even the family dog!) wearing brown shoes. Offer a discount for entries and encourage comments from your Facebook community.

December 18 is Bake Cookies Day. Open up a forum on your website and share your favorite cookie recipes with your customers.

December 28 is Card Playing Day. Honor this day by having customer’s “draw a card” for their discount on their current or future purchase.

Here are some other “idea starter” holidays in December:

Month-long Celebrations

Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Universal Human Rights Month

 Holiday weeks:

First week:  National Hand Washing Awareness Week (Dec. 4-10)

Third week: You’re Doing a  Good Job! Week (Dec. 18-24)

Hanukkah (Dec. 20-28)

Kwanzaa (Dec. 26- Jan. 1)

Daily Holidays

1 – World AIDS Day

2 – Special Education Day

3 – Make A Gift Day

4 – Wear Brown Shoes Day

5 – Walt Disney’s Birthday

6 – Saint Nicholas Day

7 – National Cotton Candy Day

8 – National Brownie Day

9 – Christmas Card Day

10 – Dewey Decimal System Day

11 – International Shareware Day

12 – National Poinsettia Day

13 – National Cocoa Day

14 – Monkey Day

15 – Cat Herder’s Day

16 – National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

17 – Wright Brothers Day

18 – Bake Cookies Day

19 – Oatmeal Muffin Day

20 – Hanukkah Begins

21 – National Flashlight Day

22 – National Haiku Poetry Day

23 – Roots Day

24 – Christmas Eve

25 – Christmas

26 – Kwanzaa Begins

27 – National Fruit Cake Day

28 – Card Playing Day

29 – Tick Tock Day

30 – Falling Needles Family Fest Day

31 – New Year’s Eve

Not quite sure that these holidays could work for your business? Create your own customer appreciate days or hold discount days to honor your accomplishments as a small business owner. Advertising and spreading the word help your business grow and fun holidays can help spread the word faster. Get creative and have fun!

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