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“Help me build my farm,” that’s the plea from guest blogger Sydney Anne, an MNSU college student who agreed to write this post in exchange for cows, brown geese, apple trees, or any other gifts readers will send her on FarmVille, the Facebook game with more than 11 million daily players.

By Sydney Anne
Guest Blogger and FarmVille Farmer
As you join the Facebook community, you may find yourself bored of the same routine. Update your status, “like” someone’s status, comment on someone’s wall, and then update your status again. Facebook has more to offer than a simple paper and mailbox replacement. Facebook allows you to join groups, become a fan of something, track events, and add boxes filled with ways to entertain yourself.   

Social Gaming

What one might say is the most entertaining aspect of Facebook is the ability to get involved in social gaming. Social gaming, different then video games, allows you to connect and compete with your friends on Facebook, or other social networking sites. What better way to spend all that free time you have then to start playing a game that requires daily attention? While Facebook games can be addicting, some of them actually get you thinking…or farming.

According to insidesocialgames.com, Farmville is the most popular game on Facebook. Created by Zynga, Farmville averages 75 million active users monthly. While Farmville isn’t the only addicting game on Facebook, it certainly beats out the rest, allowing you to plow, plant seeds, and harvest crops in your best attempts to have a bigger and better farm than your friends.


You must first decide which route you want to go, or if you’re interested in both the daily attention needy games and the games that make you think, but don’t make you log on daily.

After logging in, the left hand column contains a link for games. Clicking this link will show you your games, games your friends are playing if you want to compete with them, and on the bottom it will list several games in several categories of play. Some daily attention needy games include games under the role playing, other games, and the virtual world games categories. Some games that do not require daily attention include games under the board games, card games, and the action/arcade games. Feel free to explore and try anything that looks interesting.

If you choose for a daily attention needy game, don’t worry, many of them have tutorials. After that you’re on your own, there are forums out there for any question! Log on daily, if not every few hours, to care for your crops, restaurant, fish, pet, mafia, amusement park, zoo, or anything else you could possibly think of. Taking care of crops requires hourly attention so they don’t spoil. Taking care of a restaurant requires keeping your staff happy by feeding them every few hours and/or serving the food so it doesn’t go bad. Taking care of fish and pets require daily feeding, brushing, cleaning, and whatever other adventures you find you and your pet on. While time consuming, and addicting, it can be fun. Just be careful that your virtual business or pet doesn’t take priority over the rest of your life!

If you choose to go the other route and play social games that don’t require daily attention, such as word or puzzle games, don’t worry, there is still competition involved. You still compete against your friends for the highest score. These games may also be viewed as more educational. There are brain games to test your “brain power”, geographical games, and word games. This isn’t to say that the daily attention requiring games aren’t education, because while they are addicting, they teach you the responsibility needed to maintain a farm or restaurant. However, addicting games are given a bad light because they are, well, addicting. But don’t let that scare you.

If you’re looking for something fun to do in your spare time give it a chance, just remember that there is life outside of your restaurant or farm. While Facebook games can be addicting, that doesn’t seem to stop the millions of users that play them, and it shouldn’t stop you either. Have fun!

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Special thanks to my guest blogger Sydney Anne, a sophomore at Minnesota State University – Mankato. Please send her a FarmVille cow of thanks. Then forward this blog posting to your friends so they, too, can send Sydney Anne a cow. Let’s see how big we can grow Sydney Anne’s farm! Once you’re on Facebook, search for Sydney Anne by email address, reciprocate_fan@hotmail.com, then add her as a friend. Cows are free. Attending college isn’t. Encouraging my readers to send Sydney Anne a cow seems like a small price to pay for this guest blog post.  Thanks!

Share what you know. Feel free to comment. Send questions, and I’ll address them in future blogs.  Next blog topic:  YouTube: What’s all the fuss about?


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  • Nice work with the guest post.

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    Thanks for commenting. I love your blog; your latest posting with the Rube Goldberg YouTube video is great. I’ve added it to my favorites! If you’re on LinkedIn, please join my group, Social Media for the Blogger. http://bit.ly/dgsT7o

    If you have a chance, friend Sydney Anne on Facebook and send her a Farmville cow. Thanks again for sharing.


  • Farmville on Facebook

    very good review of the most popular game on facebook. also includes the review of the FarmVille Secrets by T. Dub.

  • Karen Emanuelson

    Thanks for the kind words!