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Make Your Own Door: LinkedIn Series   

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Professionals are joining LinkedIn at a rate of two new members per second. We have yet to find an organization that can’t benefit from using LinkedIn. To be effective on LinkedIn, you need to stand out from the crowd. And, that’s why our LinkedIn custom training is so popular.

This time it’s not just talk — it’s show and DO. Our LinkedIn custom training sessions include an introductory session followed by two hands-on workshops. Learn how to navigate LinkedIn and to make the most of your time on this professional network. During these interactive sessions, you’ll actively optimize your personal and organization LinkedIn profiles, make connections, and engage in the LinkedIn online community.

LinkedIn Custom Training

Karen Emanuelson, Reciprocate LLC President, has turned her popular social media seminars into a three-part small group, hands on workshop experience focusing on LinkedIn. You’ll learn tips and techniques that can turn your static profile into one of your best marketing tools.

Karen will share how to create a successful business based on the power of LinkedIn, including how she leveraged her personal LinkedIn profile to earn a spot in an international LinkedIn campaign and a full-page feature story in Woman’s Day.

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