Initial Marketing Consultation

Confused about your organization’s direction? Not sure what to do next?

Soar to new heights with a custom Reciprocate Initial Marketing Consultation.

In just 90-minutes, you’ll have clarity and a sense of direction that will inspire you.

A Reciprocate LLC Initial Marketing Consultation is a one-on-one custom session with very specific answers to your questions. We use a live webinar format, allowing you to participate regardless of your geographic location. All you need is a PC with access to the Internet and a phone line. You can even invite several of your co-workers to participate in the session, if you’d like.

Before the Initial Marketing Consultation, Reciprocate conducts a custom analysis of your current situation and online reputation.

During the Initial Marketing Consultation session, we help you create a plan for moving your organization toward your specific goals. We’ll discuss our mini review of your website as well as our mini analysis of your current social media usage. Then we’ll provide improvements and suggestions, review your online activities and activity levels, and review your social media profiles with you.

Next, we’ll discuss marketing options – both traditional and online opportunities – as well as how to measure results and how to mesh traditional and online activities for maximum impact.

At the end of your Initial Marketing Consultation session, you will have concrete ideas and suggestions that can be implemented immediately. You will also have an overview of how continuing to work with Reciprocate can provide results. A recording of the audio portion of the session is provided to clients as a complimentary benefit.

Are you ready to soar to new heights?  Contact Reciprocate LLC today for pricing details and to schedule your 90-minute Initial Marketing Consultation.