Marketing Tip #6 | Marketing to your Customers’ Pain Points

How to Market to your Customers’
Pain Points

Once you have identified the Pain Points, you can identify the solutions available from your product/service.

In your marketing messages, reinforce that you understand what your customers really need. Illustrate or demonstrate their pain point and how your product/service can take away their pain. Clearly define the Pain Point that your product/service is addressing.

When you market your products or service directly to solve those pain points, your customers will respond.

To help keep your marketing efforts focused, create a Customer Pain Point Analysis document. Click here for a Customer Pain Point Analysis template.

This is the third in a series of Marketing Tips on Pain Points. Click below to read previous posts:

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What small business can learn from chocolate

Business can learn a lot from chocolate


  • Some customers will pay more for the prestige of owning/using your product/service (Godiva).
  • Some customers will buy the cheapest version available (generic chocolate-flavored baking chips) because quality just don’t matter to them, because a premium price point is higher than anticipated, or because that is what they can afford or chose to afford. 


  • Sometimes it’s how you package your products and services that encourages purchases. (How many colors of M&Ms can you think of? Trust me, the green ones taste just like the red ones!)
  • Sometimes it’s how you bundle your offerings (individual Cadbury eggs or a 3-pack). Encourage “add-on” purchases by making it easy for customers to buy more without having to think.

Creative Marketing

  • The Milk Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand
    Use a tagline that will emphasizes your Unique Selling Point (USP) and is memorable. 
  • Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t
    Know your audience and adapt your marketing message and product/service offerings to the media — postings appropriate for your business Facebook wall probably shouldn’t be used as LinkedIn updates
  • Gimme a break…Gimme a break…Break me off a piece of that…
    Make your brand more than just a product or service. Tell your audience how your product can transform their lives and attitudes, if only for a moment.

What have you learned from chocolate?

Promotion Idea: 29+ Unique February Holidays

Marketing can be scary for some. It means planning and putting yourself and your business out there. Don’t fret! Marketing can be fun! Try this technique to bring in a few customers and a few more laughs. Unique and wacky holidays can create a marketing strategy to keep your customers coming back for more. Take these days for example:

February 4 is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Create a poll to find out what ice cream your customers like best! Or, better yet, hide an ice cream flavor somewhere on your website. Customers who find the flavor can enter it as a coupon code and save 5 percent.

If ice cream is too cold of an approach for you, turn February 12 into your own Grammy Awards Ceremony, presenting your customers with $5 off their next purchase.

If the Grammys don’t have you running down the red carpet, For Pete’s Sake Day is a great time to have customers share their favorite verbal phrases of frustration (appropriate for all ears of course!)

Here are more unique February holidays:

Month-long celebrations

Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

International Expect Success Month

Pull Your Sofa Off The Wall Month

Holiday Weeks

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week (Feb. 6-12)

Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb. 13-19)

National Entrepreneurship Week (Feb. 18-25)

Daily Holidays

1 – Change Your Password Day (declared by Gizmodo)

2 – Groundhog Day

3 – Wear Red Day

4 – Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

5 – Super Bowl XLVI

6 – Pay a Compliment Day

7 – Ballet Day

8 – Laugh and Get Rich Day

9 – Read In the Bathtub Day

10 – Umbrella Day

11 – Be Electrific Day

12 – Grammy Awards Ceremony

13 – Get a Different Name Day

14 – Valentine’s Day

15 – National Gum Drop Day

16 – Do A Grouch A Favor Day

17 – World Human Spirit Day

18 – Thumb Appreciation Day

19 – Chocolate Mint Day

20 – President’s Day

21 – Mardi Gras

22 – World Thinking Day

23 – Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day

24 – National Tortilla Chip Day

25 – International Sword Swallower’s Day

26 – For Pete’s Sake Day

27 – International Polar Bear Day

28 – Floral Design Day

29 – Leap Year Day

While we have listed some holidays to get started, feel free to create your own. Or, check out the previous calendars Reciprocate has provided. Make sure to do some quick research on your holidays though. From year to year, some holidays change dates. Regardless of your methods to marketing, creativity and a little fun can take you and your business a long way!

Marketing Tip #5 | Identifying Customers’ Pain Points

How to ID Your Customers’ Pain Points

Try to understand your customer in terms of the Pain Points they are experiencing. Learn to recognize these Pain Points by asking questions and listening. Here are a few ideas:

  • Imagine a day in the life of your customer
    What problem does your product or service address?
  • Ask current customers about their lifestyles and goals
    How do they perceive themselves?
  • Ask customers what motivates them – and what doesn’t.
    Find out what the customer really needs
  • What is the true source of pain?
    Sometimes, you’ll need to read between the lines and listen past the immediate requests
  • Who sees the most value in having that pain removed?
    These will be your best customers
  • Who will ultimately pay for a solution?
    The end user of your product/service is not always the one who pays i.e. child/parent or pet/owner

Example Pain Points

Imagine you own a restaurant. You might be addressing not only a customer’s Pain Point and need for nutrition but also the Pain Point for a place to gather with friends without having to clean the house, a place to watch sports on multiple screens, somewhere to escape from work or home, or a place to celebrate. And the type of food you offer – healthy, inexpensive, ethnic – also might address your customers’ Pain Points.

This is the second in a series of Marketing Tips on Pain Points. Click here to read Understanding Pain Points. Additional posts, including a Customer Pain Point Analysis Template, will be posted in the next few weeks.  Click here to sign up to receive weekly Marketing Tips from Reciprocate LLC.

Marketing Tip #4 | Understanding Pain Points

Understanding Pain Points

Do you understand why your customers buy your product or service?  I mean really understand what makes them buy?

Nothing motivates a person quite like pain.

While that might sound harsh, one of the best ways to increase sales is to identify your customers’ Pain Points and then position your company to deliver solutions that relieve these issues.

Customers with a burning need for something – their Pain Point – are highly motivated to alleviate this pain by buying what you have to offer.

What Pain Points do your customers have?  Sample Pain Points include:

  • time pressure
  • social pressure
  • work pressure
  • family pressure

Pain Point Solutions

  • Do you provide fast service?
  • A status symbol?
  • An efficient way to do business?
  • A solution for a busy parent?
This is the first in a series of Marketing Tips on Pain Points. Additional posts, including a Customer Pain Point Analysis Template, will be posted in the next few weeks.  Click here to sign up to receive weekly Marketing Tips from Reciprocate LLC.
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Marketing Tip #3 | Website Effectiveness

Are you getting the most marketing “BANG”
from your website?

Your website is the center of your online universe. One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is not engaging with their website visitors — an easy mistake to make – and, luckily, it’s just as easy to correct.

Here’s a quick 4-question self-evaluation quiz to see if your website is working effectively that includes tips and simple fixes.

Website Effectiveness Quiz

  1. Does each page offer a “Call to Action”?
    Encourage interaction with website visitors by asking them to do something – such as “Click here,” “Call today,” “Learn more.” Then hyperlink the Call to Action to the appropriate page or action.
  2. Do you have contact information on each page?
    Website visitors move fast. If they can’t find what they are looking for quickly, they will leave your website and move on to the competition. Make it easy to reach you. Include a hyperlinked email address for added ease.
  3. Are you capturing email addresses of web visitors?
    Now that visitors found you on the internet, you need a way to stay in touch. Offering a white paper or email newsletter subscription is a great way to capture email addresses so you can continue to market to your website visitors, even after they’ve left your website. Constant Contact offers an inexpensive, easy-to-install website tool that can turn visitors into an email contact list. Click here to learn more.
  4. Have you looked at your website lately?
    Visit your website; pretend you are a first time visitor. Click on all the links. Fix or eliminate those that are not working correctly. Check the copyright; to let visitors know you are still in business, it should read © 2012.

If you would like help creating or re-designing a website that gets found in online searches and that turns website visitors into paying clients and customers, contact Reciprocate LLC today for a free consultation. Click here to learn more about our free website consultation services.

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Marketing Tip #2 | Check Your Online Reputation

Check your Online Reputation

Do you know what others are finding when they look for you and your company on the internet? Do you know what is really out there?

To check your online reputation, Google your name, your company name, your product name, your industry, and your competition.

You can easily discover your online reputation by clicking on all the links you find. Are you pleased with what you read?

  • Claim company listings on directory and review sites. Add information and your logo.
  •  If you find negative reviews, address them immediately by positively responding using your real name. Don’t ever create false reviews.

Here’s a link to a Google Search Results template to help you track your online reputation.

If you would like help turning around a negative online reputation, contact Reciprocate LLC today for a free consultation.

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Marketing Tip #1 | Create a Monthly Marketing Calendar

Create a Monthly Marketing Calendar

Choose one marketing theme for each month in a year. Then feature the theme on your website, in social media postings and in all your monthly marketing efforts.

The themes will also give you new points for discussion at networking events and a reason to approach prospects throughout the year.

Here’s a link to a Monthly Marketing Calendar template to get you started.

Need an idea for a theme? Check out the Reciprocate blog postings featuring unique holidays.

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How to Create a Marketing Myth Guaranteed to Increase Sales

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard — or time consuming — and can even be fun. Here’s a simple way to use a modern twist on mythology that is guaranteed to increase sales whether you are a B2B or B2C.

Marketing Mythology

Create a mythological character, MTC (MyTypicalCustomer), based on your target market. Artist talent is not required; you can even use an online photo of an anonymous person. As you create MTC,  answer these questions to help you determine what is important to MTC and why MTC is your target customer.

  • What does MTC look like?
  • Do you have several MTCs — male, female, different ages  or even different education levels?
  • What does MTC do for a living?
  • Does MTC work/study in the city, suburbs, at home?
  • How does MTC spend his/her spare time?
  • Does MTC have any hobbies?
  • What is MTC’s family life like? Does he have kids? Aging parents?
  • Where does MTC live? Does he live in the city, suburbs or rural area? On a farm, in a mansion, or in an apartment?
  • Does MTC recycle or place high importance on green companies and products?
  • What pets does MTC have?
  • Does MTC donate to charities? Which ones?
  • Is MTC tech savvy?  How much time does he spend on the computer each day?
  • Does MTC own a smartphone or mobile device? What apps does he use the most?
  • Is MTC active on Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter?
  • What problem does MTC have that your products or services can help solve?
  • What words does MTC use when looking for the solution to this problem?
    These become the keywords you should use everywhere online — on your website, in your social media profiles and posts, and in directory listings.

Now that you have created your Mythological Marketing character, keep MTC with you. Hang MTC on your office wall. Attach MTC to your monitor. Use MTC as your screensaver or wallpaper.  Throughout the day, ask yourself these questions:

  • wwMTCt? (What Would MyTypicalCustomer Think?)
  • Would MTC be moved to action by your decision or bored by your message?
  • Create calls to action that will inspire MTC to pick up the phone/email/purchase your product or service.
There, as easy as that, you’ve created a Marketing Myth guaranteed to increase sales.  By keeping MTC top of mind when making business decisions, you will find that your business becomes more focused on your target customer and your sales will increase.

We’d love to see your MTC creations. Please share them on our Facebook page

Promotion Idea: 31+ Unique January Holidays

Looking for a new marketing strategy to put you ahead of your competition? Finding new ways to bring in customers can be tricky. Try out this fun marketing strategy and see what fun it brings!

Using bizarre holidays can catch the eye of your future customers. It can also keep your current customers coming back for more!

On January 4th, Trivia Day, have fun trivia questions that lead your customers through your website, hunting for answers and reward them with 10% off their next purchase.

If trivia isn’t your game, try January 14th, Dress Up Your Pet Day. Post a photo of your pet dressed up and encourage your customers to send in pictures of their pets! Don’t have a pet? No problem! Change it to January 15th and use National Hat Day as an excuse to post a picture of yourself in a wacky hat. Once again, this is another great way to get your customers involved as they can post pictures of themselves in wacky hats as well!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Get to Know Your Customers Day on January 19th!

Month-long Celebrations

International Creativity Month

International New Year’s Resolutions Month For Businesses

Holiday Weeks

Someday we’ll Laugh about This Week (Jan. 2-8)

Home Office Safety and Security Week (Jan. 8-14)

Clean Out Your Inbox Week (Jan. 23-27)

Daily Holidays

1 – New Year’s Day

2 – Tournament of Roses Parade Day

3 – Drinking Straw Day

4 – Trivia Day

5 – Elvis’ Birthday Celebration Begins

6 – Three Kings Day

7 – International Programmers’ Day

8 – Show and Tell Day at Work

9 – National Clean Off Your Desk Day

10 – National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

11 – Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

12 – National Pharmacist Day

13 – Friday The 13th

14 – Dress up Your Pet Day

15 – National Hat Day

16 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

17 – Kid Inventors Day

18 – Winnie the Pooh Day

19 – Get to Know Your Customers Day

20 – Penguin Awareness Day

21 – National Hugging Day

22 – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

23 – National Pie Day

24 – National Compliment Day

25 – Macintosh Computer Day

26 – National Peanut Brittle Day

27 – Punch the Clock Day

28 – Fun at Work Day

29 – National Puzzle Day

30 – National Inane (not a typo!) Answering Message Day

31 – Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Take these wacky holidays or even create your own! The marketing possibilities are endless. Just be creative and keep your customers wanting more!

Promotion idea: 31+ Unique December Holidays

Use unique marketing messages to attract attention to your business

Looking for creative ways to market your business? Use holidays as an excuse to celebrate and offer fun contests, discounts, and other opportunities for your customers. You may be thinking “That sounds like a great idea! But where do I start?”

Below are a few suggestions. Take these ideas. Tweak them. Make them fit your business. Most importantly, go for it!

December 4 is Wear Brown Shoes Day. Turn it into a Facebook photo contest. Encourage customers to post photos of them or their family members (or even the family dog!) wearing brown shoes. Offer a discount for entries and encourage comments from your Facebook community.

December 18 is Bake Cookies Day. Open up a forum on your website and share your favorite cookie recipes with your customers.

December 28 is Card Playing Day. Honor this day by having customer’s “draw a card” for their discount on their current or future purchase.

Here are some other “idea starter” holidays in December:

Month-long Celebrations

Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Universal Human Rights Month

 Holiday weeks:

First week:  National Hand Washing Awareness Week (Dec. 4-10)

Third week: You’re Doing a  Good Job! Week (Dec. 18-24)

Hanukkah (Dec. 20-28)

Kwanzaa (Dec. 26- Jan. 1)

Daily Holidays

1 – World AIDS Day

2 – Special Education Day

3 – Make A Gift Day

4 – Wear Brown Shoes Day

5 – Walt Disney’s Birthday

6 – Saint Nicholas Day

7 – National Cotton Candy Day

8 – National Brownie Day

9 – Christmas Card Day

10 – Dewey Decimal System Day

11 – International Shareware Day

12 – National Poinsettia Day

13 – National Cocoa Day

14 – Monkey Day

15 – Cat Herder’s Day

16 – National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

17 – Wright Brothers Day

18 – Bake Cookies Day

19 – Oatmeal Muffin Day

20 – Hanukkah Begins

21 – National Flashlight Day

22 – National Haiku Poetry Day

23 – Roots Day

24 – Christmas Eve

25 – Christmas

26 – Kwanzaa Begins

27 – National Fruit Cake Day

28 – Card Playing Day

29 – Tick Tock Day

30 – Falling Needles Family Fest Day

31 – New Year’s Eve

Not quite sure that these holidays could work for your business? Create your own customer appreciate days or hold discount days to honor your accomplishments as a small business owner. Advertising and spreading the word help your business grow and fun holidays can help spread the word faster. Get creative and have fun!

8 quick ways to GRAB attention during the holidays

Engaging customers at holiday time

Yes, holidays are hectic for most of us. But there are ways that you can still engage your customers and make November and December profitable months for your organization.

Below are 8 tips for attracting customer’s attention:

  1. KISS — keep it short and social
    Less is more. We’re busy. No time to read volumes.
  2. Offer holidays specials — that are truly special
    Provide incentives that make it worth the effort. If you ask me to answer a 10-question survey or enter a contest to get a $1  off coupon, I might not bother, especially in November or December.
  3. Consider adding a countdown promotion
    The 12 deals of December. What a great reason to contact your customers via email daily. Just remember tips # 1 and #2 above.
  4. Take Tip #3 a step further and add a progressive deal
    Customers must open each email to receive the next — and each deal is better than the one before. With an email provider such as Contact Contact, you can segment your mailing list based on who has opened each email.
  5. Create a sense of urgency
    We all wait ’til the last minute. Make your offer a priority.
  6. Subject lines matter
    Communicate the offer and deadline in your subject line. We’re busy. A well-written subject line may keep your message from being trashed without being opened.
  7. Provide special offers for VIP customers
    Everyone likes to be a VIP. Let them know they are your VIPs. Thank past customers with great incentives.
  8. Partner with a worthwhile charity or organization.
    Offer your customers a way they can buy from you and be philanthropic at the same time. Win-win-win

These 8 simple tips can help you stay “top of mind” with your customers even during these hectic holidays and throughout the year. We’d love to hear your ideas on how you’ve engaged customers, particularly during the holiday season.

Promotion idea: 30+ unique November holidays

Stumped for ways to engage your clients?

Try celebrating unique holidays with them. Here are some idea starters for November:

November 7, Hug-A-Bear Day is your opportunity to hold a photo contest of your customers hugging their bears.

Not beary interesting to you?  Take on National Clean out your Refrigerator Day by asking your customers to find the most expired item in their refrigerator. Offer them 30% off an order.

But for something that isn’t so chilly and that is easy to do, have a Name your PC Day contest. Encourage customers to come up with the most creative, clever name for their PC and recognize the customer and their PC on your website.

November month long holidays

International Creative Child and Adult Month

Family Stories Month

November week long holidays

First week: World Communication Week

Second week: Pursuit of Happiness Week

November daily holidays

1 – National Author’s Day

2 – Cookie Monster’s Birthday

3 – Sandwich Day

4 – Use Your Common Sense Day

5 – FM Stereo Birthday 1933

6 – Daylight Saving Time Ends

7 – Hug-a-bear Day

8 – General Election Day

9 – National Young Readers Day

10 – Area Code Day

11 – Veteran’s Day

12 – National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day

13 – Artificial Snow Birthday 1946

14 – Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day

14 – National Clean out your Refrigerator Day

15 – America Recycles Day

16 – Button Day

17 – Homemade Bread Day

18 – Mickey Mouse’s Birthday (1928)

19 – National Family Volunteer Day

20 – Name Your PC Day

21 – Tweety Bird’s Birthday

22 – Start Your Own Country Day

23 – Eat a Cranberry Day

24 – Thanksgiving Day

25 – Black Friday

26 – National Day of Listening

27 – National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

28 – National French Toast Day

29 – Electronic Greetings Day

30 – Mark Twain’s Birthday (1835)

And of course, take advantage of Black Friday!

You can also create your own holiday to match the needs of your business. Celebrate it yearly, make it fun and get creative. Creating holidays to celebrate your business’s milestones and successes is another good way to draw attention to what you have accomplished.

Whatever unique holidays you find on the calendar, or whatever holidays you choose to create, make sure they are fun and exciting! They are a great marketing tactic to get customers to notice you and spread the word!

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is anyone reading email anymore?

Q:  What do Mark Twain and email have in common?

A:  Those tolling the death bell for both may have been premature on their proclamations.

If you’re like me, you spend hours each day creating and responding to emails. Yet, there are some in the industry who would like you to believe that email marketing is a waste of time.

I beg to differ. Reciprocate’s results have me encouraging clients (and prospective clients) to jump into email marketing as a viable, and profitable, marketing vehicle. Last month, less than 48 hours after I emailed the October issue of the Reciprocate newsletter, four prospective clients contacted me for more information. In less than a week, each of the four had signed a Reciprocate Letter of Engagement for services!

As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, I constantly study email marketing. Here are some interesting email tips I’ve learned:

4 email marketing tips

  1. When should you send an email for the best open rates? Send emails between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdsay
  2. How long are the best subject lines? 5-8 words with a maximum of 40 characters
  3. What is the average time spent reading an email? Just 52 seconds. Wow! Be brief!
  4. What are 3 ways to write the best subject lines? Make them:
    1. Useful
    2. Urgent
    3. Unique

The Value of Email

We found this infograph by Smarter Tools Incorporated that shows the value of email in relation to social media powerhouses Facebook and Twitter as well as some other interesting statistics. Did you know that the total number of searches on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing combined equals only 1.1% of all email traffic?

Imagine how powerful your email would be if you sent valuable content to people who had money to buy. Contact Reciprocate today for help with your email marketing strategy.

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