Email Marketing | My Dad Writes the Best Email Subject Lines

My Dad Writes the Best Email Subject Lines

My 82-year-old father writes some of the best email subject lines. His subject lines are so intriguing; I’d open and read his messages, even if I wasn’t related!

I’ve asked my dad for permission, and he says you can borrow some of his subject lines, so I’ve included 82 of them — one for every year — at the end in this post. (Thanks, Dad!)

What you need to know about email open rates and subject lines

In the U.S., 18.9% is the average email open rate.What does that mean to you? For every 100 email addresses on your distribution list, on average, you can expect less than 20 people to read your message. An email list of 1000 addresses will result in about 189 people reading an email.

How do you know if your emails are being opened and read?

Email service providers such as Constant Contact and MailChimp help track open rates and click-throughs. Reciprocate LLC is a Constant Contact Solution Provider and has helped many clients analyze and improve the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts.

Increase email open rates with intriguing email subject lines

Emails compete for attention in an inbox. One of the best ways to get your emails opened is by using an engaging subject line.

Email Open Rates, U.S.

Learn from my dad’s email subject lines

Email subject lines should invite, intrigue and challenge the reader. Here are a sample of my Dad’s subject lines that you can adapt to your unique needs.


  1. Be sure to watch the video
  2. Put it on your calendar
  3. Join in!
  4. You are all invited
  5. Check it out
  6. Worth watching. Be sure to click on full screen
  7. Get with it you young-uns!!
  8. Get in line tonight!


  1. Too late, but who listens?
  2. Something else to worry about
  3. Enjoy on the next hot day
  4. I hate to say it but you all qualify
  5. NO!! It’s not mine!!
  6. Just so you know…
  7. Pick your poison
  8. You might not be old enough?!!
  9. In case you missed it!!
  10. My treat!
  11. Digging through my photo archives
  12. My kind of luck
  13. In case you thought you’d tried all the coffee flavors
  14. Only for the Stout Hearted
  15. Look at what is coming, even for you young ones
  16. I always liked Sarah!
  17. For your viewing pleasure
  18. I have seen the after effects but couldn’t even imagine this


  1. See if you can find our house in the map at the bottom of the article
  2. Check out the address at the bottom of the page
  3. Be sure to move your mouse around to see it all
  4. I’ll bet you never knew that!


Personalize and localize your subject lines for added impact. Add personality and show the human side or your organization.

  1. I found this to be amazing
  2. Takes a while to download, but I think it’s worth it
  3. I don’t believe it. Let me know if you try it.
  4. I didn’t know that!
  5. I’ve been there. Here’s the fix.
  6. I’m sorry
  7. My Favorite Pet
  8. I’m thinking of picking up a new hobby.  Want to join me?
  9. Oh my aching back!!!
  10. My little brain is having a problem absorbing all these allegations
  11. I thought you might like to see this
  12. In case you are wondering what to get me for Christmas. But be sure to order…
  13. Told you so
  14. Some of you know all about this. You need to explain it to me


  1. Yah! She lives in Minnesota.
  2. Come on down for a visit – alligator pix on highway

Let Reader Decide Importance

Pique your readers’ curiosity by letting them decide if the information you are sharing is worth their time . Offer your assistance with a known or perceived problem. Consider asking a question for even more impact.

  1. You might find this interesting
  2. You MIGHT like this info?
  3. Here is a way to waste some time
  4. Might be for one of you party planners
  5. You might not like this
  6. Just another newspaper clipping
  7. If you are interested in drugs
  8. Don’t know if this applies and/or should be used by anyone of you
  9. At the risk of sending you too much junk mail I decided there may be an off chance you might find something useful here

Offer Help

  1. Save this address. You may find it to be useful.
  2. Save you doing your own test
  3. In case you are wondering what to get your hubby
  4. This may be something to print out and put away for the day you might need it
  5. Probably not for you, but pass it on. It could really help someone
  6. If you haven’t finished your Christmas wrapping, this may help
  7. Only Free Books

Ask A Question

  1. Do you remember any of this?
  2. Are you sending calendars to your customers?
  3. Ever wonder what the newspapers in your old home town are saying?
  4. Are you familiar with this?
  5. Know anyone that would do this?
  6. Did you know this?
  7. Competition??
  8. What will they think of next?
  9. Can you use this?
  10. Did you ever wonder?
  11. Isn’t timing everything? I’ll try for your share too
  12. Lights anyone?
  13. Could your clients use this?
  14. Feeling crafty?
  15. Who knew?

Humor/Play on Words

Show your sense of humor with a play on words or unexpected subject

  1. I found the grill of my dreams
  2. For all you social-(s)ites
  3. Here’s my version of an April Fool’s joke

Thank You

  1. Belated thank you
  2. I owe you a million thank yous

Thanks to my dad for sharing his great email subject lines with our readers and for inspiring this post. If you want more inspiration, check out MarketingProf’s recent study showing The Most (and Least) Effective Keywords in Email Subject Lines.

Marketing Tip #16 | Who’s Sending Your Emails | How to Boost Company Brand Easily

Who’s Sending Your Emails? 

How many emails did you send last week? Bet it was more than a handful.

Won’t it be incredible if you could increase your company’s brand recognition with each of those emails?  You can – and it’s easy!

In an email inbox, the first thing recipients notice is the name listed in the “From” column. Next they scan the “Subject” line. If they recognize the “From” name as a valued connection, recipients will often open the email regardless of the Subject line.  If the Subject line is interesting, recipients may open the email regardless of who sent the email (though most will check the “From” to ensure the email isn’t spam).

Below is a snapshot of how several Reciprocate Marketing Tip emails look in an Outlook mailbox:

Notice that the Marketing Tips are sent From “Karen Emanuelson & Reciprocate LLC.”  We use both Karen’s name and the company name for several reasons:

  1. Many Reciprocate email subscribers have attended at least one of Karen’s presentations and recognize her name.
  2. Others know the Reciprocate name from our presence on social media and the Internet.
  3. By using both in the “From” area, we take advantage of existing name recognition.
  4. Karen’s name recognition is increased with each email.
  5. Reciprocate’s brand recognition is increased with each email.

You can easily build your company’s name recognition by including it in the “From” of all your correspondence. Consistently apply this “From” address to all your email accounts, including those that are generated by your computer, tablets and mobile devices.

By adding your company name to your emails “From” field, you’re on your way to increasing your brand recognition with every email you send.

Marketing Tip #8 | What does your email address say about you?

Whether you realize it or not, you have an online identity – and an online reputation.

Even if you have not registered on many of the social media sites, the email address you use already says a lot about you. Does your email address reflect who you are? Is your name part of your email address? Should it be? It depends on you and the image you want to portray.

If you plan to use email and social media for personal reasons, it’s okay to use your pet’s name or hobby as part of your online identity. The more professional the reasons for your foray into social media, the more professional your email address and online identity should be.

If you are trying to find a job or using social media for business purposes, an email address that includes your name like congers up a much more professional image than

If you have a work email address, you’ll need to decide if you want to use it for your social media endeavors. A word of caution: since you will not be employed at your current job forever, before you leave the company, you will need to change your email address on sites you want to access afterward. This could be a hassle.

Click here to learn more in our blog posting “Who Do you want to be online?”

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is anyone reading email anymore?

Q:  What do Mark Twain and email have in common?

A:  Those tolling the death bell for both may have been premature on their proclamations.

If you’re like me, you spend hours each day creating and responding to emails. Yet, there are some in the industry who would like you to believe that email marketing is a waste of time.

I beg to differ. Reciprocate’s results have me encouraging clients (and prospective clients) to jump into email marketing as a viable, and profitable, marketing vehicle. Last month, less than 48 hours after I emailed the October issue of the Reciprocate newsletter, four prospective clients contacted me for more information. In less than a week, each of the four had signed a Reciprocate Letter of Engagement for services!

As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, I constantly study email marketing. Here are some interesting email tips I’ve learned:

4 email marketing tips

  1. When should you send an email for the best open rates? Send emails between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdsay
  2. How long are the best subject lines? 5-8 words with a maximum of 40 characters
  3. What is the average time spent reading an email? Just 52 seconds. Wow! Be brief!
  4. What are 3 ways to write the best subject lines? Make them:
    1. Useful
    2. Urgent
    3. Unique

The Value of Email

We found this infograph by Smarter Tools Incorporated that shows the value of email in relation to social media powerhouses Facebook and Twitter as well as some other interesting statistics. Did you know that the total number of searches on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing combined equals only 1.1% of all email traffic?

Imagine how powerful your email would be if you sent valuable content to people who had money to buy. Contact Reciprocate today for help with your email marketing strategy.