Promotion Idea: 28 Unique June Holidays

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Suffering from writers’ block? Stumped for what to post on Facebook, Twitter or your blog? Are you looking for a fun and unique way to gain more customers? Is your business in need of a new marketing tactic?

Well have we got a solution for you! Holiday promotions.  While this may sound like your typical holiday season advertising, it is a year round way to get your customers excited and coming back for more.

Take for example, June 22, National Chocolate Éclair Day. Have a business in the food industry? Run a special offering free Chocolate Éclairs with each purchase. Own a retail business? Celebrate the Bar Code’s birthday (1974) on June 26th by offering a discount. Unsure of what type of holiday would fit your business? Get creative. Sunglasses Day, on June 27th, offers a great opportunity to hold a sun glasses photo contest, offering a discount or prize to the winner.

You may even create your own holiday to match the needs of your business. Celebrate it yearly, make it fun and get creative. Creating holidays to celebrate your business’s milestones and successes is another good way to draw attention to what you have accomplished.

Whatever unique holidays you find on the calendar, or whatever holidays you choose to create, make sure they are fun and exciting! They are a great marketing tactic to get customers to notice you and spread the word!

Relate these fun holidays to your organization and share them with your online community:

June 1: Heimlich maneuver Day

June 2: Leave the Office Early Day

June 3: Repeat Day

June 4: Shopping Cart Birthday (1937)

June 5: World Environment Day

June 6: National Yo-Yo Day

June 6: Drive-In Movie Theater Birthday

June 7: VCR Birthday

June 8: Vacuum Cleaner Birthday (1869)

June 9: Donald Duck Day (1934)

June 10: Ballpoint Pen Birthday

June 13: Sewing Machine Day

June 14: Sandpaper Invented Day (1834)

June 14: Flag Day

June 15: Ben Franklin’s Kite Experiment (1752)

June 16: No Orange Clothes Day (1784 Holland forbad the wearing orange clothes)

June 18: Casual Day (Friday before summer solstice)

June 20: Ferris Wheel Birthday (1893)

June 21: Summer Solstice

June 22: Take Your Dog To Work Day

June 23: Public Service Day

June 23: Typewriter Patented (1868)

June 25: Paddington Bear’s Birthday (1958)

June 26: Bar Code Birthday (1974)

June 27: Sun Glasses Day

June 28: Insurance Awareness Day

June 29: Waffle Iron Day

June 30: Corvette Birthday (1953)

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Social Media 2011 Just The Stats

Sometimes statistics and numbers tell a story better than words and provide a quick way to understand our world. The State of Social Media in 2011 is one of those situations. Reciprocate is pleased to share this presentation by Hubspot which captures the current state of inbound marketing using telling statistics and quotes.

The below presentation sums up the State of Social Media in 2011 in 64 thought-provoking slides. Spend a few minutes flipping through the presentation for a glimpse into how others are using social media. Then use this insight as you market your company online. Enjoy!

Social Media 2011 Just The Stats

Thanks to Hubspot for this great collection of social media stats. Reciprocate is not affiliated with Hubspot; we’re just fans of their ability to compile data and their willingness to share their knowledge with the rest of us!

LinkedIn: Join now and be 1 in 100 Million

LinkedInIf you have not already jumped on the LinkedIn bandwagon, it’s time. LinkedIn just announced it has reached 100 million members, and one new member is joining every second. LinkedIn members, representing all Fortune 500 companies and millions of entrepreneurs, in industries from aviation to zoology, join LinkedIn for the common purpose of networking.

Karen Emanuelson is featured in the LinkedIn 100 campaignLinkedIn 100 Million Campaign

To commemorate its membership milestone, LinkedIn launched an interactive ad campaign featuring 100 of its members, including Karen Emanuelson, owner of Reciprocate LLC. Reciprocate’s success can be traced to Karen’s active participation in LinkedIn groups. She was selected for this campaign based on her 140-character success story: “I kick-started my marketing consulting business through LinkedIn groups.”  Karen is currently a member of 58 groups on LinkedIn and serves as manager of two of these groups, Social Media for the Blogger and LinkedMinnesota Entrepreneurs.
Click on the ad image above to check out the other 99 success stories. While you’re there, be sure to click on the blue “Submit Your Story” button for your shot at being included in the next LinkedIn advertising campaign. 

Contact Karen today to find out how you can take advantage of LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups to kick-start your company.


LinkedIn Strategy #3: Keywords

Keywords linked to LinkedIn success

Recently, I received a phone call from a local HR rep asking me to interview for a position — a position that paid $100K. I hadn’t applied and, at the time, I wasn’t even looking for a job! Turns out, the HR rep plugged a few keywords into LinkedIn’s search function and my profile came to the top! It wasn’t a good fit, but the moral of the story is that people are using LinkedIn to research and find potential employees and potential business partners based on words used in their profiles.

Makes you want to re-word your LinkedIn profile, doesn’t it? 

LinkedIn released a list of the top 10 buzzwords used in LinkedIn profiles. Here are the Top 10 Buzzwords translated into a LinkedIn professional headline: 

Problem Solver with Extensive Experience as a Results-Oriented, Innovative, Motivated Team Player. Proven Track Record in a Dynamic, Fast-Paced Entrepreneurial Environment

Unfortunately, this is about 50 characters too long to fit in the 120-character limit of a LinkedIn professional headline, but imagine what could happen if your professional headline included keywords that are actually being used to find people, products and services in your industry. These are the same keywords that are used in Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches everyday.

So how can you find keywords that could work for you?

Google has a very good instruction guide for creating successful keywords. You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see which keywords are most popular for your industry. 

In addition to using keywords in your LinkedIn professional headline, Summary and Specialties and Employment title and descriptions, use these keywords throughout your website and online directory listings for even more impact.

Turn your 15 minutes of fame into 30!

Womans Day PR Opportunity

Taking Advantage of Media Coverage

Congratulations! Your small business is in the news.  Now what?

Here are five simple ways to leverage your positive media coverage for even more publicity for your small business or organization.

  1. If your media coverage is in print, create a .pdf of the article or news story.
    – Make a professional-looking copy. Newsprint often bleeds through the backside, so be sure to change the settings on your scanner when scanning newspaper clippings.
    –  Add a border as well as the publication logo and publication date.
    – Create a .pdf.
    An easy way is with a free shareware program, Cutepdf that creates a .pdf when you select cutepdf as your printer option. I’ve used this for years with great success.
    If your media coverage was on TV or radio, contact the broadcaster to obtain the audio and/or video file. Some may have links to past segments on their website that you can download.
  2. Upload your .pdf, video, or audio to your website.
    – Do you have an “News Room” tab or “In the News” section of your website?  Now would be a great time to add one.
  3. Create status updates on your social media networks with links to your media coverage.  Facebook and LinkedIn provide an easy way to attach links to your updates. Twitter posts can directly include the link.Reciprocate LLC on Facebook
  4. Thank those who help spread the word about your press coverage on other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  (Thanks, Kathy!)
  5. Press coverage often encourages more press coverage.  If your media coverage was national, seek out local reporters and outlets to see if they are interested in covering your national exposure from a local level. If your coverage was in print, perhaps a local TV or radio station would be interested in the story or vice versa.

Enjoy basking in your 15 minutes of fame — and good luck extending your time in the spotlight!

What is Social Media?


Five words describe the philosophy behind social media: 


Share What You Know

 Remember these five words as you go about your social media networking and marketing.

Demonstrate your thought leadership. Engage your followers and those you are connected to by providing them with information and value. Don’t hard sell. And absolutely no spam!

Five simple words to keep in mind — Reciprocate – Share What You Know — as you promote your small business online. 

What we’re talking about on Twitter 2010-06-08

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Who do you want to be online?

 When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened. — John M. Richardson, Jr.


Why does your online image matter? Today, you may not think it does – but, since we can’t predict the exact usages of the Internet in the future, the subject is worth a few minutes of your time. Because social media is an industry still in its infancy and ever-changing, now is the best time for you to take charge of your online identity.    

What does your email address say about you?

Whether you realize it or not, you have an online identity – and an online reputation. Even if you have not registered on many of the social media sites, the email address you use already says a lot about you. Does your email address reflect who you are? Is your name part of your email address? Should it be? It depends on you and the image you want to portray.

If you plan to use email and social media for personal reasons, it’s okay to use your pet’s name or hobby as part of your online identity. The more professional the reasons for your foray into social media, the more professional your email address and online identity should be.

If you are trying to find a job or using social media for business purposes, an email address that includes your name like congers up a much more professional image than If you have a work email address, you’ll need to decide if you want to use it for your social media endeavors. A word of caution: since you will not be employed at your current job forever, before you leave the company, you will need to change your email address on sites you want to access afterward. This could be a hassle.

Who do you want to be online?

Now you need to decide your online name. Sometimes it’s as simple as using your name or a deviation. Choose a name that will allow others to easily find you. On LinkedIn, a professional site, I’m Karen Emanuelson. On Facebook, a personal site where I connect to childhood friends, I’ve included my maiden name, so I’m Karen Chromen Emanuelson. On Twitter, this blog, and other sites, I use my “trade name” KarenEman. There should be a consistency to your online identity throughout all sites. I use the same photo on all sites for just that reason.

The situation becomes even complicated when you have a common name. You’ll need to come up with a creative way to distinguish yourself from the others who have your same name. There are 4,489 Mary Smiths on LinkedIn! If that is the case with your name, you will want to complete your online profiles with your differentiating information. This could include hometown, companies worked for, hobbies and organizations.

As we explore the social media sites individually in coming blogs, I’ll discuss the type of image you’ll want to portray on each site. In the meantime, if you want to check out some of the hundreds of social media sites, start here: KnowEm. KnowEm provides an easy way to see what user names are still available on more than 350 social media sites. Once there, you can also click on the social media site names and find the website link for further exploration. You can register with KnowEm and even pay them to create your online profiles for you, but it’s not necessary. Feel free to explore the site and have fun! 

As you explore, keep in mind the need to manage your online identity. If you run across a social media site that interests you, go ahead and register if you want to “reserve” your user name. Most sites only allow one person to claim each user ID so if you think you’ll ever (here’s where we can’t predict the future) use the site and there is no cost to register, go ahead. I encourage my clients, regardless of their age, to claim any user names they think they might use in the future. You can always cancel your account if you don’t use it, but once another “MarySmith” or “ScootersMom” registers on a site and claims that user name, you will not be able to claim that same user name.

The future is unpredictable – and that’s what makes social media so much fun! If you haven’t already, I encourage you to click on the “Sign up!” button on the right to receive an email every time I write a new blog. If you are reading this via email, thanks for subscribing! Email subscribers who want to participate in my polls or comment on the blog, just need to click on the main title above and it will take you directly to my blog page.

Share what you know. Feel free to comment. Send questions, and I’ll try to address them in future blog updates. 


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What the Heck is Social Media?

For those old enough to remember telephone party lines, social media is similar. According to Wikipedia, the Internet’s version of an encyclopedia, “The completely non-private party lines were a cultural fixture of rural areas for many decades, and were frequently used as a source of entertainment and gossip, as well as a means of quickly alerting entire neighborhoods in case of emergencies such as fires.”

Social media is today’s party line. It is a 24/7 connection that allows communication with family, friends, and others in the worldwide Internet community. You can use it for personal or business — or both.

What can you do with social media?

  • Chat with family and friends
  • Learn what’s going on in your neighborhood
  • Share recipes
  • Find sales, coupons, specials, and deals
  • Discuss your hobby
  • Promote your company
  • Find a new job
  • Brag about yourself or your family
  • Share photos
  • Sell a product
  • Tell others about a great book
  • Get a recommendation for a service provider
  • Read what others are saying about a restaurant
  • Discover something new

The list is virtually endless.

One of the best ways I describe social media is with 4 Cs – Connections, Conversations, Communities, and Chameleon.


Just like in the “real” world, social media is about making connections and finding others who have similar likes, hobbies, histories, and goals. Through social media I caught up with a junior high friend, chatted with my daughter who is away at college, got a free taco from Taco Bell, received advice on how to make a Yule cake, became a “fan” of AARP, and made a connection with a guy who makes wire names at events for a living – all in one afternoon.


Social media and Web 2.0 are based on two-way conversations – sharing what we know with others. Social media etiquette focuses on “giving” rather than “receiving” – on providing information rather than selling. You can direct your conversations to just one person, a few people, or anyone who may be on the Internet. You can even choose to just “listen in” on conversations.


Social media and parties have a lot in common. You can be a wallflower, but you’ll have more fun if you engage others. Ask how someone is doing or comment on their “status,” then share your thoughts and accomplishments. Just as in the real world, online communities are built with those who share common interests and conversational exchanges.  Give compliments freely.


Social media is constantly changing. Just when you get comfortable with an application or program, a new, improved version comes out. Like a chameleon, you learn to adapt. That’s part of the fun – there’s always something new to learn or to explore – and since you’ve read this far, you’re obviously ready to begin the adventure.

Why Should You Care about Social Media?

Frankly, you don’t need to. You could spend the rest of your life without being involved in social media, and you’d be just fine. But just like the cell phone and email have become part of your daily life, social media is also a great way to connect. You can keep up to date with family, friends, co-workers, companies, and customers as well as potential employers, employees, clients, and even new friends.

Ready to “hit the road” of social media? All you need to get started is your computer, an email address, a photo (a headshot works best) and your enthusiasm. Before we begin our journey in the next blog, answer the short poll on the right side of this page so we can see where we are starting.  In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, click the “Sign up!” button on the right to receive an email every time I write a new blog.

I’m not selling anything. No strings attached. Just “reciprocating.” Welcome to the world of social media. Share what you know. Feel free to comment below. Send questions, and I’ll try to address them in future blog updates. 

Next blog topic:  Who do you want to be online?

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A New Decade: A New Blog

What better time to launch a new blog than the beginning of a new decade?The idea behind Reciprocate has been brewing since mid-2009. Several months ago, discouraged during the process of trying to find a fulfilling job, I decided to re-invent myself. Today, I am still a 50-year-old wife, mother, and former housewife who graduated from college before the Internet and PCs were invented(!). I am now also a Social Media Communicator who helps others share what they know using social media and the Internet.

 Reciprocate will be a way for me to compile, categorize, and share all my newly found knowledge. It will also serve as a primer on social media, with easy-to-understand explanations and definitions.

I’ll discuss blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and how to use SocialOomph and AddThis (yes, those are real websites) along with other fun new online tools and applications I discover. I’ll even throw in some of the tips and tricks that I share with my clients as well.


“Blog” – similar to a written journal or diary, only it’s on the Internet

“Social Media” – websites and online applications that people use to share what they know. So, by definition, a blog is a type of social media.

Social media is based on sharing knowledge. When I think back to all that I’ve learned about social media in the past year, I’m amazed. Social media is an industry in its infancy; there are no experts or gurus yet. We are all learning from each other and, like chameleons, adapting as we go.

So, follow along on this road of learning with me. Click on the “Sign up!” button on the right to receive an email every time I write a new blog. (Don’t worry, you won’t be inundated with emails.) My plan is to update this Reciprocate blog at least weekly through 2010 (now I’m committed . . . and since you read it on the Internet, it must be true…) 

I’m not selling anything. No strings attached. Just “reciprocating.” Welcome to the world of social media. Share what you know. Feel free to comment below. Send questions, and I’ll try to address them in future blog updates. 

 Next blog topic:  What the Heck is Social Media and Why Should I Care?

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