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Ever want to get inside the head of Generation X or Generation Y to understand how they think and why they react? This guest blog is the first in a series from a 22-year-old college student. Hear it straight from Sydney Anne — and learn how you can market your products and services to this all important generation that is “Online All The Time.”

I’m a 22 year old college “super senior.” It’s a running joke with my friends, every . . . → Click to continue: Online All The Time

Promotion Idea: 31+ Unique April Holidays

Scrabble Day

Marketing can be a bit tricky. How can you bring in new customers, keep a fresh and positive relationship with loyal customers, and have some fun?

Reciprocate has thought about this too. What better way than to celebrate every day in a fun and unique way! We’ve got some ideas to get you started:

April 5 is National Deep Dish Pizza Day. Do your customers love pizza? Find out by starting a discussion about favorite pizza toppings. Or, poll your . . . → Click to continue: Promotion Idea: 31+ Unique April Holidays

Promotion Idea: 29+ Unique February Holidays

Celebrate Feb. 4 -- It's Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!

Marketing can be scary for some. It means planning and putting yourself and your business out there. Don’t fret! Marketing can actually be fun.Try this technique to bring in a few customers and a few more laughs. Unique and wacky holidays can create a marketing strategy to keep your customers coming back for more. Take these days for example… . . . → Click to continue: Promotion Idea: 29+ Unique February Holidays

Promotion Idea: 28 Unique June Holidays

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Creative ways to gain the attention of your customers

Suffering from writers’ block? Stumped for what to post on Facebook, Twitter or your blog? Are you looking for a fun and unique way to gain more customers? Is your business in need of a new marketing tactic?

Well have we got a solution for you! Holiday promotions. While this may sound like your typical holiday season advertising, it is a year round way to get your customers excited and coming . . . → Click to continue: Promotion Idea: 28 Unique June Holidays

Facebook: The Games People Play


College student Sydney Anne asks for cows in exchange for a guest blog on FarmVille, the most popular game on Facebook. Learn the difference how to access Facebook games and the differences between social games, including those that require daily attention and word or puzzle games that test your brain power. Links to top Facebook game rankings from CNN as well as link to information on games addiction. . . . → Click to continue: Facebook: The Games People Play