Online All The Time

Sydney Ann Headshot

Ever want to get inside the head of Generation X or Generation Y to understand how they think and why they react? This guest blog is the first in a series from a 22-year-old college student. Hear it straight from Sydney Anne — and learn how you can market your products and services to this all important generation that is “Online All The Time.”

I’m a 22 year old college “super senior.” It’s a running joke with my friends, every . . . → Click to continue: Online All The Time

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus -Take the Tour

As confused and upset Facebook users express their disapproval of the latest round of changes to the Facebook platform, Google Plus is generating a lot of buzz. Businesses and nonprofit organizations spending time and resources on social media marketing need to be aware of the potential opportunities available through Google Plus when it opens up its platform to businesses in the next few months. Take a self-guided tour of Google Plus and see what social media industry experts have to say about Google Plus and its potential threat to Facebook’s status as the number one social media platform. . . . → Click to continue: What is Google Plus?

Who do you want to be online?

You can't predict the future, so start managing your online identity now

Learn how your email address affects your online reputation and why now is the best time to take charge of your online identity in this third blog posting from KarenEman. Includes a link to more than 350 social media sites. . . . → Click to continue: Who do you want to be online?