LinkedIn Strategy #2: Tell your story in 120 characters

With more than 75 million members on LinkedIn, how can you stand out from the crowd?  Start by telling your story in 120 characters that have people wanting to know more.

Which 120 characters?

Your LinkedIn “Professional Headline.” 

Your professional headline follows you everywhere on LinkedIn — when you post a status update, when you join a group, when you add or comment on a group discussion, and when you connect to someone else on LinkedIn. 

In addition to being displayed prominently under your name at the top of your LinkedIn profile, your professional headline pops up every time someone hovers over your name or photo anywhere on LinkedIn. LinkedIn uses your current position title as your professional headline unless you change it. To edit your headline, click the “edit” button next to your name when you are on the “Edit My Profile” page.

Which person are you more likely to want to connect to and network with?


Jeff Perry who piques your interest with his professional headline or David who just lists his title? 


It probably wouldn’t surprise you to find out that Jeff has 500+ connections on LinkedIn and David is struggling to reach 50.

The key to an effective headline is to be creative, yet professional. Create a headline that has LinkedIn members wanting to know more about you, your company, your interests, your passion. 

Using consistent keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile will help you rise to the top in LinkedIn keyword searches. Creating a captivating professional headline will be to your benefit every time someone hovers over your name on LinkedIn to find out more about you.

How creative can you be in 120 characters?

Here’s a few more curiosity-piquing professional headlines that stand out from the crowd that have  I’ve come across on LinkedIn:

  • Community builder, Storyteller.  Ryan Rudd
  • Courageous Coach, Precocious Procurer of Talent and Fantastic Facilitator  Ericka A Butler, PHR
  • Business Visionary…Able to bring competitive funding to almost any project worldwide.  John Busser
  • Catalyst for Revolution at Catura Creative   Michelle Schwantes
  • Forward Thinking Print Sales and Marketing Professional  Jared Martz 

Are you or any of your connections taking advantage of a creative, attention-getting headline? Share the best LinkedIn professional headlines you know in the comments section below.

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